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Let's create together. Music is a big world, and a musician's career path is as unique as their playing. However, core strategies apply to the continued development of an identifiable brand in the world of music.

Radio Promotion

online, npr, college, community, satellite, tv, retail, airlines, select international


critics reviews, national, international, tour support and beyond

Social Outreach

We socialize your results to our audience to aid in driving new fans to your music and social outlets.

Graphic Design

WE DESIGN a One-Sheet based explicitly on your album's branding

Kari-On Productions WE DESIGN a campaign specifically for you.

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Questions; We Can Help

What are your current career goals?

Do you have a plan to increase your brand equity?

How will you connect with your market identity (demographic)?

What strategies will you use to increase your fan base, beyond its current numbers?

How will you socially outreach your music to potential buyers?

What are you doing to make your brand identity an extension of what you stand for?

About Kari-On Productions

To build artist brand awareness in a global outreach utilizing, press, radio and social outreach techniques.

Make sure new music is added to the fabric of jazz, world, and Latin to further the dynamism of the genre and to connect future generations to the genre (s).

We utilize proven promotion techniques and today’s technology to broadcast, influence, inform, and socialize your music.


What People Are Saying

We Create a winning team with our clients that is all about mastering the realistic, make-or-break, real-life challenges that define the new music world, the old music world, and everything in between.

Melodic Intersect has been using various promoters throughout the last few years to get its music heard by industry folks. We have had great experiences with promoters in the past but our experience with Kari goes above and beyond what we have experienced so far in the industry. Kari's greatness is the fact she is always communicating and always makes you feel like you are her only client! She takes the time to explain and break down every question you have for her and is always honest with your chances of getting industry folks to listen to your project. We have had the best experiences of our lives with her promotion company and will always be using her in the future whenever we have a record to release! We highly recommend her company to all those musicians who are looking for a solid company whose bottom line is not just about the money!
-Enayet Hossain
Band Leader of Melodic Intersect
When I signed on with Kari-On Productions, I had the great fortune of having the very best of the best represent my album. Kari Gaffney of Kari-On Productions is a wonderful human being who cares greatly about the musicians she serves. Kari is focused on delivering results, works tirelessly to achieve radio and press success for all of her clients, and most importantly, is a very kind person. Making the choice about who will represent my album was a stressful experience; my album was my child and I needed it to be treated with great care. Kari understood this. She took the time to listen closely to our music and understand what we were all about. She sensed exactly what the personality of our band was without me having to explain it...she gets it! I knew this was a person who cared greatly about the work she does and the art we produced from my first phone conversation with her. I followed my instincts and went with Kari-On Productions and it has been worth every single penny! Since signing on with Kari-On Productions we have had amazing success on radio charts and press reviews. We have grown in our fan base and folks have taken notice of our success. We have had theaters, venues, and festivals reach out to us out of the blue who were interested in having us perform. Kari always made herself available to chat on the phone in order to give advice and direction on the promotion of our album. I have recommended her to many other musician friends who have also had notable success. Kari Gaffney is without a doubt the best and most caring promoter of jazz, world, Latin, and classical music out there and I will definitely be using her on my next release
-Anthony Lanni
Band Leader of Os Clavelitos
I want to thank you for doing such an exceptional job promoting my CD "Cocolamus Bridge" with radio and press. You went the extra mile and I am sure we will work on many more projects in the future.
-Harvie S
I just gave “U” a glowing referral to a friend of mine.. He asked me about your work, and I told him to look no further! He will get his money's worth and more!! U are the best, and everyone needs to know it!
-Ulysses Owens, Jr.
(drums, producer, label owner)
Kari stands out in the crowded profession of music PR. Putting your trust into someone with your art can be quite frustrating, but Kari has done a great job with my album. For me, her sensitivity to music from an artistic standpoint convinced me she knew what she was doing. Don't waste your time with others, give Kari a call.
Gene Ess
I have been in the game for many years and have learned the ins and outs of the industry. The mystery of promotion is unveiled with Kari Gaffney. Not only is she at the forefront of the latest approaches to promotion but she truly cares about what she does. Kari had the same passion about pormoting my music as I have about recording and performing it. The proof is in the great results she gets. I am so glad I found her.
-Dan Moretti
It is so important, in this business, to surround yourself with the best - from musicians to your recording engineer and mixing/mastering staff to your publicist/radio promoter - Kari is THE BEST! From the beginning, I have had complete trust in her recommendations, her decisions and guidance in presenting my CD "Sentimental Mood". Kari's excellent reputation and years of experience allow her to get my music to the right people! I look forward to working with Kari Gaffney with my future CD releases!!!
-Kate Reid
Kari Gaffney is a total 100% hands on music promotional company, She has a great ear on how to market your particular sound to the music masses of a lot of different Genres. Also she is very honest about business and music air play. At first I thought it was a scam but she is for real. I applaud Kari Gaffney & Kari-On Productions for their hard work on getting the music out there. And you may Carry On! James Zollar. (the original) J.Z
-James Zollar
Just a note to say thank you and to show my appreciation for the hard work that you put into promoting my recording. I know that this is what you do and you are a professional, but I have had some experience working with promoters that were not as thorough and sincere. That means a lot. So again thank you for all of the hard work you put in on this project and I hope that we can work together in the near future.
-Ira Wiggins
From the very onset, I understood that Kari Gaffney and her agency were the "Real Deal". It was very clear that she appreciated the music that I was making and understood what she could do to promote it. I was duly impressed by her honesty in stating what she could not do with it. Dealing with her and her agency has been nothing short of pleasant and took a large burden off of my shoulders. What I got was a top class product, and a valuable relationship with a reliable agency and friend. Additionally, a recent google has revealed over 15000 hits; two years ago it was less than 100. Those are results that I can trace directly to Kari-On. Not only was this a great investment, but it also saved me money and time dealing with charlatans. I plan to use these services for our next CDs and would highly recommend this to anyone needing their music promoted.
-Patrick Battstone
Kari-On Productions--more than worth the investment. - I'm lucky to have great friends--some of whom are well-respected NYC jazz musicians who all recommended publicist/radio promoter Kari Gaffney to me as I was looking to raise the level of exposure that my music was receiving. When friends like this say flat out, "Morgana, this is what you need to do," you don't question. You get out your wallet and find a way to make it happen.
-Carol Morgan
We’re thrilled and honored to have Kari promoting our CD. She has a potent combination of genuine enthusiasm, tireless work ethic, seemingly endless contacts and resources, and magnificent skill in the art of promotion. It’s a perfect storm that has put us in front of more eyes and ears than we would have believed. We’ll be working with her again for all future recording projects, no question!
-Ryan Fraley
Wave Mechanics Union
Working with Kari Gaffney was one of the easiest things I've ever done. After a personal recommendation from a friend and fellow musician, I made the call and was greeted by one of the most genuinely nice people I've ever worked with. Everything about my entire album project to that point took a tremendous amount of effort, but the promotional step was a breeze. I needed radio play and magazine reviews and trusted that Kari would deliver. She never ignored a phone call or email to make sure I was getting what I needed, when I needed it. Working with Kari pushed my career to the next level.
-Michael Cottone
The first time I spoke to Kari at Kari-On Productions, I knew I was getting involved with someone very confident and serious about what they do. I could sense in her voice that there was an excitement about my music and the chance to get the album out there. And it wasn't that I was just another client, I could tell that her and her staff would be behind me 100%. It's obviously important that in any business relationship, communication is part of the key to success. With Kari, I always feel like I can ask questions, and call or contact her any time I need something. This is a very reassuring feeling, I now have a strong model of what a publicist should do for an artist. I recommend her to every musician I come into contact with. If you want your music to be heard, Kari-On Productions is the way to go.
-Matt Garrison
I heard good things from musician friends about Kari Gaffney and Kari-On Productions before I hired them to promote my CD but what I got exceeded my expectations. Kari is incredibly well-organized and responsive and really knows her way around the broadcast world and internet; she got my CD lots of airplay and got it into the hands of bloggers and trade magazines who reviewed it despite the fact that I have little-to-no name recognition. She also knows her way around social media and used this medium to support my campaign in ways I hadn't anticipated. Her professionalism and transparency were evident from the very beginning and, as this was my first CD as a leader, she was instrumental in helping me get organized on the public relations / promotional side of this business. Hiring Kari-On Productions was definitely money well spent!
-Tom Goehring

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